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Re: Mede Mede!!! >> DJRND2 in Santa Cruz tonight!

> Miko, thanks for the overview.

> I was already under the impression that the DJRND2 was intended as
a DJ-oriented real-time loop machine. Even without a footswitch for
arming the RECORD, it sounds like it would make a great
montage/layering looper in a studio environment. As a big fan of the 
RDS 7.6 Time Machines, something along the lines of  their ARM/TRIGGER
footswitch controls would be perfect.

It could be awesome... But give me that footswitch and I'll get back
to ya!

> I'd really like to know more about the sound quality, especially
with 14 stereo channels blazing at once. :) Got any comments about the
sound quality, Miko?

Since it's not living with me, I didn't really get a good chance to
really audition it in that way. I'm hoping David will do exactly
that... load various samples into each track and play them back... Mr.