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looper collective show

posted for David Kirkdorffer:


The Loopers Collective will be taking its trippy, loopy, dancey and ambient
sounds to Providence, RI.

TLC is performing this Saturday April 15th at AS/220 as part of Am*be*thang
(4) and hosted by Sign.

Sonic moments commence with The Saturnalia String Trio around 9-ish, TLC
around 10-ish to closing.
This marks the fifth outing for the TLC team.
Collective V features:

*       DJ Flack                        Turntables, Grooves & Regularities
*       DJ C                            Turntables, Pulses & Tempofications
*       roSS Hamlin                     Guitussion, Wordifications &
*       TG Noyes                        Guitar Synth, Washes & Measurements
*       David Kirkdorffer/UNDO  Unguitar, Layerings & Pattern-Making
*       Dr. T                           Projected Visuals & Wonderment

AS/220 info can be had here: http://www.as220.org/calendar.html

As always, please bring your consciousness however you will (or at least
however you can).

David Kirkdorffer

P.S. UNDO will also be featured in The Reverend Keith's congregation at The
Lizard Lounge in Cambridge Thursday April 27
        12 - The Medveds
        11 - Zola Turn
        10 - David Kirkdorffer/UNDO
        09 - Jed Parish from The Gravel Pit


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