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OT: Chandler Tone-X

hi all .... 

has anyone tried the Chandler Tone-X pot?  

it's a on-board guitar wah-in-yer-tone-pot kind of thing (i like the
idea of having something more useful than my never-used tone pot and am
seriously thinking of forking out for one) ... apparently it is shipped
with the Chandler 555 series guitars ...

specifically,  my barrage of questions is ... 

according to the Chandler website it is a push/pull pot (i would guess
with some circuitage + 9V battery) ... is the push/pull for bypass of
the wah effect or the 16db boost ... that is,  is the wah always "on" or
can it be bypassed?  if so is it true (or at least clean) bypass?  if it
can be bypassed,  in which position is it bypassed (pot "up" or pot
"down")?  can the listed 16db gain be adjusted?  (maybe a screw-pot
somewhere?) ... how easy would it be to make one of these anyway?

sorry for throwing this at the list, but Chandler hasn't responded ...

btw i can't just get a wah pedal 'coz all my feet are used up and i like
the idea of volume pot type swells but on the wah axis.  

thanks in advance,  brad