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Re: OT: Chandler Tone-X

> according to the Chandler website it is a push/pull pot (i would
guess with some circuitage + 9V battery) ... 


> is the push/pull for bypass of the wah effect or the 16db boost ...
that is,  is the wah always "on" or can it be bypassed?  

It bypasses the wah... I don't remember setting a trimpot for boost
adjustment, but it was quite a while back. 

> if so is it true (or at least clean) bypass?  

I seem to remember it being double pole - double throw... so I think
it was true bypass... tone seemed fine in bypass mode. This guitar was
my "go to a jam and plug straight in" guitar... and it never failed to
astound people how I got those tones... fun.

> if it can be bypassed,  in which position is it bypassed (pot "up"
or pot "down")?  

Mine was down, but you may be able to just reverse the wiring scheme
on the pot... 

> can the listed 16db gain be adjusted?  (maybe a screw-pot
somewhere?) ... how easy would it be to make one of these anyway?

Don't remember?!

If there's not already a bunch of batteries and active electronics in
your axe... definitely put a Tone-X in there! It's just a pot and some
wiring... no other mods...