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Re: OT: Chandler Tone-X

Howdy, "B" (may I call you "b"?)
    Chandler Tone-X is cool. Got one in an Ibanez Musician, had it in there
for five years or more. Answers to yer q's:
>according to the Chandler website it is a push/pull pot (i would guess
>with some circuitage + 9V battery)

Correct, and the battery lasts a very long time (months), which is nice.

... is the push/pull for bypass of
>the wah effect or the 16db boost ... that is,  is the wah always "on" or
>can it be bypassed?

The push-pull bypasses the wah effect, and when in the "down" position, the
knob does nothing at all. The 16db boost is kinda automatically part of the
wah effect, just like most wah pedals.

if so is it true (or at least clean) bypass?

I believe it is true bypass.

if it
>can be bypassed,  in which position is it bypassed (pot "up" or pot

Bypassed in "down" position. See above.

can the listed 16db gain be adjusted?  (maybe a screw-pot

The unit is dirt simple, and so nothing can be tweaked. In fact, I believe
it's a tiny circuit board epoxied to the push-pull pot. But a cool
interaction happens with a normal tone control in tandem with the Tone-X>
When you roll the normal tone pot back, it "tames" the Tone-X output. A 
hard-to-control, ragged-ass midrange hump can be calmed into a mild
resonance this way.

... how easy would it be to make one of these anyway?
Probably dirt simple as the circuit, but you'd spend more money on parts 
TIME than buying the prefab unit.

Hope this helps. Altho this is off topic for loopers, I had to post it with
the group because my private e-mail to you was rejected. Hmmm... do I stink
of spam?

Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster