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Re: OT: GP-100 v Line 6

    I bought a Flextone with 2 10" speakers and the companion floorboard
controller. The master volume pedal was designed wrong in my opinion. It
reduces the signal before the pre amp or distortion producing part of the 
when it should reduce the signal after this stage. If you have a great
overdrive tone, reducing the volume cleans the tone up, exactly like 
down the volume knob on your guitar. It should keep the same tone, but just
reduce the volume.
    Also, the tones were one dimensional. For example, I found a great SRV
type tone, but it only worked on my neck pickup and only for single note
leads. It just lost its appeal when backing off the volume a little to play
chords or double stop licks. Also switching to another pickup didn't 
produce a
very good tone. The Flex was too particular for my tastes.
    And finally, it just didn't have the feel and rich tone of my tube 
If it was 80% of the way there I'd still have it, maybe even 70%... but it
went back to the store. For reference I have a VHT Pittbull combo with 1 
a VHT Pittbull head with a 2 12" cabinet, and a Crate VC3112; all tube 

Mark Hamburg wrote:

> I'm contemplating replacing my GP-100 with a Line 6 Flextone II and I
> wondered if anyone on this list had any comments in this regard.
> The pros and cons I can list without much experience with the 
> Pros: More direct controls. More amp models. Easily able to use it 
> of my studio. (This last one is the big selling point. I'm tired of not
> having a guitar amp.)
> Cons: Obviously less powerful in terms of range of effects and in terms 
> the control over the effects.
> Has anyone done a comparison of the sound quality of the GP-100 v. the
> various Line 6 products? Or, if I were to stick with what I've got, does
> anyone have any recommendations on a reasonable amp to use with the 
> so that I would have some mobility.
> Thanks.
> Mark
> P.S. And of course, if you've been hoping someone would sell a GP-100 in
> good condition, now is your opportunity to wax effusive about Line 6's
> products...

Mike Nelson

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