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OT: GP-100 v Line 6

I'm contemplating replacing my GP-100 with a Line 6 Flextone II and I
wondered if anyone on this list had any comments in this regard.

The pros and cons I can list without much experience with the Flextones...

Pros: More direct controls. More amp models. Easily able to use it outside
of my studio. (This last one is the big selling point. I'm tired of not
having a guitar amp.)

Cons: Obviously less powerful in terms of range of effects and in terms of
the control over the effects.

Has anyone done a comparison of the sound quality of the GP-100 v. the
various Line 6 products? Or, if I were to stick with what I've got, does
anyone have any recommendations on a reasonable amp to use with the GP-100
so that I would have some mobility.


P.S. And of course, if you've been hoping someone would sell a GP-100 in
good condition, now is your opportunity to wax effusive about Line 6's