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shameless gig spam! so-cal style

We just want to make art.  Is that so wrong?

Saturday April 15th, 8 PM
G.E. Stinson and Inner Ear present:

Peter Kowald - bassist extraordinaire from Germany
Anna Homler - mistress of sonic alchemy

** kowald is a legendary freejazz/improvising bassist; homler is the
mistress of sonic alchemy" - - hard to describe but intriguing


G.E. Stinson - electric guitars and implements
Steuart Liebig - electric basses
Christopher Garcia - drums, percussion, funny toy thing

** ge and i also do the loopage thang - - for that on-topic twist

$10 at the door

Conjunctive Points Dance Studio
3631 Hayden Ave. in Culver City,
South of Washington Bl. between National and Higuera Streets.
There's plenty of free parking in the public lot on Warner Drive.

Go to http://www.inner-ear.com for more info and a map.