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Re: EH Microsynth differences

In a message dated 4/9/0 11:26:45 AM, tiktok@sprintmail.com writes:

>You're looking for a source more privileged than someone from the EH 

EH has a legendary '70's stoner stigma-reputation, and there were so many 
variations on circuits and packaging that  anyone who survived a rock 
lifestyle from those times looks back at these pedals in confusion. Even 
Matthews was unable to recall key aspects of some 1980 EH pedals I found.

I've also been surprised at electronic engineers/designers in general with 
respect to how they remember circuits relative to how they really 
They've seen way too many circuits...

>My own recollection is that several of the chorus-type units were the same
>except for the external graphics (this was from a Guitar Shop interview
>Mike Matthews).

Polychorus=Polyflange, and some people say also = Echoflanger. I have not 
tried the Echoflanger, so cannot say.

>I'm sure you can find people who hear an audible difference in Microsynths
>(or any gear) of the same model. 

There are definite differences between the filter sets on the Micro and 
Micro Synths. On a guitar, the Bass model imparts a warm, organ like 
tone, where as the Micro's is perhaps a more reed-y oboe-like thing when 
dialed the same way and used with the same guitar.
I have an old Micro and a reissue Bass, and the difference is useful 
to me to justify not getiing rid of either one!  If you play bass, I would 
definitely recommend the Bass model over the Micro.

eric p
echo park