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Re: REMOVE : EMUSIC Playlist

I'm blushing!  Thanks for the support.  I certainly don't intend to be
obnoxious with my playlists and there are only 52 per year... plus twelve
monthly reports to NAV.  ;-)  That's not too many pressings of the delete
button when compared to normal volumes of email.

I'll try to respond to some of the points raised.  But the digest comes as
individual attachments, making it hard to include snippets of posts.


>Bill seems to be
>a HUGE supporter of creative music in general and I'd certainly think
>it would be a loss to have him leave or ignore this fertile group of
>creative and industrious individuals because of some senseless pissing
Even if the consensus turns out to be "no more playlists," I'd comply but
still hang with you folks.  My headrush wouldn't forgive me if I left the
fold!  And I wouldn't abandon the space/electronic/ambient artists who are
looking for an outlet for their creativity.  They make my show special!

>The only problem for me is that the show cannot be heard by 99% of
>listmembers.  If Bill can get on internet radio, that is a different 
>Any possibility, Bill?
I'd love it if WDIY were netcasting but it isn't in the cards.  Potential
audience = potential members = better finances for a public radio station 
far as I can tell.  Hey!  I could record a show on DAT, send it to one of
you who would then send it to another and another...  At least some of you
could get a taste that way.  And one of you could transcribe the DAT to MD
and cassette and start a couple more EMUSIC chains, er, um, I mean loops,
yeah, that's it!

>I enjoy the type of music on his show (looping or
>otherwise). Even though I'm far from being in the broadcast range I still
>find his list valuable for finding new music (and old) that I haven't 
DingDingDingDing!!!  We have a winner here folks.  This is precisely why I
post playlists.  Give the man a great big (virtual) stuffed toy for his

Cheers y'all!

Bill         billfox@fast.net            http://wdiyfm.org
Host of EMUSIC, an electronic, ambient, and space music show.  Thursdays at
11pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem and 93.9 FM in Easton and
Phillipsburg.  Email me if you wish to submit music for airplay
Visit http://www.crosswinds.net/~shadowplay for the ShadowPlay site.

PS Due to life, I will be off line for about a week right after I, yup! you
guessed it! post tonight's playlist.  See you on or about the 24th!