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Re: Mac Audio Loopers

Todd (and all others interested),

I just switched ISP's (640k ADSL is great - yeah I know, speed kills). My
new web site is: http://members.bellatlantic.net/~kmistove/ (the old
eclipse.net site is up for about two more weeks).

You can get "procrastination" from there (still and always free  - NOTE: 
Max and MSP revisions are now available + Great news: Max is now Gibson 
and officially in the hands of cycling74).

One of these days I'll update/improve that ridiculously simple creation of
mine, "procrastination"...

Have fun!


> I have links to both looper 1.5 and procrastination at my loop page.
> I didn't write 'em, I just use 'em:
> http://www.waste.org/~crash/loopage.html
> Enjoy them, and than their authors with goodies and such.