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Re: Peter Kowald (was shameless gig spam! so-cal style)

> Kowald is not to be missed! Some
> years ago, a few friends of mine & I were trying to come up with the
> "World's Greatest Improvising Musician", I know, stupid idea, but Kowald
> was the only person we all agreed on as deserving the title.
> It really SUCKS that his current US tour seems to be going everywhere in
> the country except the Northwest!
> ** time for that drive down south dave! maybe you could fit disneyland 
>in as
> well. kowald playing sf??
> stig

as there seems to be a bit of interest in Peter Kowald here, I thought
I'd pass
this on from the bay area new music list:
 i'm trying to put together a string/improvisation workshop for the
great german doublebassist peter kowald,it will be late april in oakland
it will cost $30,there is no one playing creative music in the bay area
who wouldn't learn something from this true master,he has worked with
brotzmann,don cherry,bill dixon,cecil taylor,frank wright,butch
morris,kosugi,fred frith,evan parker,william parker,wadada leo
smith,conducted/played in the globe unity orch. ect,.and has been a part
of many landmark events that have altered the course of creative
music,not to mention the double bass! ,.email ,or call 510-597-1769.for
peters bio/info go to <www.kowald.de>
thanks damon