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Re: software multilooper

Ok, I'm jumping into this conversation with both feet, and hoping I don't 
on my face 'cuz both are in my mouth.

I have a Kyma system and I've been planning on making rhythm recognizers 
such with it.  It has alot of sound analysis tools, expandability, and 
processing power.  I 'd like to create an "adaptive looper".  Feed it 
and it mutates them according to some plan.  The plan may be extracted 
from the
sound, of course.  So I'm quite interested in what you're doing.  I don't 
MAX so can you translate to more general terms?  I plan on getting MAX 
when the
PC version becomes available (June, I understand) but until then I ask your

BTW: I'm not familiar with "The Computer Music Tutorial".  The info on
amazon.com is quite intriguing.  Comments?

Dennis Leas