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RE: Performing solo loop improvisations

> I try to find venues suitable for what I do, in that the
> audience is willing to listen to a variety of styles, influences, and be
> part of the creation of the moment.

Amen! This is really important- there is nothing worse than performing when
all you can think about is 'these people are hating this, why did I even 
a gig here'. There are many places suitable for knob-tweakung music, and
most of them are not the traditional bars 'where they like both kinds of
music'. Check out art galleries, museums, aquariums, planetariums,
coffeehouses, bookstores, etc. Lots of these places may not feature music
regularly, but are very happily suprised at the end of the gig when they
realize how much the people there liked it.
good luck

Dave Eichenberger- guitars/loops/devices

'Future Perfect' - art music