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Re: Performing solo loop improvisations

On or around 11:09 PM 4/13/00 -0700, Scott A. Martin said:

>For those of you who perform solo improv gigs, just you and a mountain (or
>molehill) of electronics: how do you go about creating a composition in
>real time? 

I just play; there isn't a grand science to it.  I use the same exact setup
at home as I do live, and handle it identically.  In all honesty, if I have
to think about "how to do it", I wouldn't be out playing live or
considering doing the same.  After a time, especially in solo gigs, the
looping comes automatically.  After five years of playing with anything
from a glorious 600 ms to my current multi-unit setup that nets me 14+
seconds in three discreet controllable rigs, I haven't even really thought
about the actual process in the longest time.  It's why I haven't run out
to grab a DL-4 or an EDP or any of the "impressive" loop tools; I know my
toys, what they do, and they interact in a seamless manner with what I do,
without me having to worry about things.  I tried a JamMan; I've played
with an EDP; they're nice units, but I'm just a simple looping guy who was
perfectly happy with a tape echoplex and primitive RDS series delays for
the longest time.  Call me a looping luddite.

> It's great to sit in the basement and endlessly tweak those
>loops, but you can't get away with that in front of an audience.  Or can

Sure you can.  It all depends on how well you can construct pieces in
real-time and improvise appropriately.   I'm personally happiest just
getting lost in the creative process, and generally my audiences have been
very appreciative.  I don't expect lighter-waving bastards trying to get
laid in the middle of my set, and lo! and behold, they haven't ever
appeared.  I try to find venues suitable for what I do, in that the
audience is willing to listen to a variety of styles, influences, and be
part of the creation of the moment.  

Sometimes, I loop like a fiend; other times, I don't hit the 'hold' button
for the whole show, as sacrilegious as that sentiment is here.  It all
depends on the moment, the venue, the mood, and how things transpire. 

> Please expound on your technical, philosophical, etc. approaches to
>this situation.  Essays will be graded for clarity and originality, as 
>as gratuitous use of the words "Belgium", "unsubscribe", and 

I generally just do it, while thinking that the mutherfuckaz from Belgium
should all unsubscribe their 60-cycle hum from my grounded loop. 

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