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Fw:software multilooper

repost from the max list to loopers delight ..

in short, a mac-based multi-looper with multiple independent loops
synchronized with variable length [not necessarily linked], with tracking 
an external timesource. automated subdivision of loop and corresponding
metronome output. will soon implement rhythm detection on an incoming audio
signal, automated fading and crossfading between loops, tracker-like
interface...  rapid development, currently at t+3 weeks. free. opensource
for the tweakers. currently requires max. creative input highly desired.
work in progress. not tied to industrial notions of progress or linear
notions of time. not designed to be culturally imitative nor deliberately
radical. designation; robust. fractally minimalist. unfettered.

a beos port could also manifest.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jan P <jan@gomotech.com>
To: MAX - Interactive Music/Multimedia Standard Environments
Date: Thursday, April 13, 2000 9:39 PM
Subject: updates

>my fripp~ looper external has been updated and now supports sampleaccurate
>synchronization between multiple fripp~ arbitrarylength loops, tracking to
>an external tempo source [0-1 ramp signal], adjustable metronome
>loops as a reference point. Each fripp~ loop can be recorded to any 
>independent of all other fripp~ objects or quantized to some multiple of a
>master fripp~-- for polyrhythmic bliss. After I'm done assimilating
>on tempo tracking, I intend to implement a tracker that takes audio in and
>puts out a 0-1 syncsignal, which could then be used to synchronize a whole
>mess of real-time-generated loops to an external groove.
>To be implemented--
>undo-ing loop overdubs
>controllable loop fades and crossfades, linking of loops to form rhythmic
>modulator-carrier relationships
>independent control of pitch and tempo using low-artifact algorithms
>collaborative networked [UDP?-- matt?] loop performances mind multiplicity
>working together
>my intention is to create a pattern-oriented loop-tracker similar to
>fasttracker and numerous others only driven by liveloops which can be
>created and dubbed into and manipulated as the track is evolving. drawing
>inspiration from LLOOPP, fripp fanatics, echoplex/jamman/other 
>various granulators and other efforts to create MAX rhythmic mayhem::L: to
>bridge gaps between conventional DJ [aka grooveholding] culture, live
>performance, new electro-acoustic instrument designs [research on creating
>sensorbased USB performance instruments cypress USB development station
>pending], and traditional forms of devotional music with traditional
>mind has been mostly withdrawn from corporate infrastructure using much
>weedling and freelance techniques leaving majority of week clear for sonic
>exploration and channeling attunement. all developments to be shared
>opensource, openarms.
>happy gyrations