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Re: Performing solo loop improvisations


    Hey there, it matters upon how you use your looper(s) and then what 
are trying to do with whatever musical style you're playing that night.  
my case, I'll use my Boomerang to generate different drones and sometimes 
chord changes over top of these drones, or vice versa.  The big thing is 
hoping against hope that none of your equipment goes south on you...  Also 
trying to sparse down your road gear is something to consider, especially 
you have a stomp box or rack unit that's a bit fragile.  Had an active 
pedal take a dive on me, and the nice thing was that I was able to 
it, take it out of the circuit without the performance really getting 
interrupted.  Audience got to hear the same lines over and over and over, 
    One thing which is implied in your question is that these loops are 
made on the fly, during the performance.  There are some people out there, 
and yes even myself who use a few pre-made loops (well sequences in my 
and use these.  Just need to snag a drum machine and then things'll be 
better.  Have to agree with Denis on his view of an audience's perception 
a player and his/her speed without a drum machine.

    Not that I've played in Belgium, or lost track of my towel at any 
but this isn't exactly a non-gear question, really...  Now if only I had a 
really hot cup of tea...