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R: Live horn looping

> This brings me to my actual question. I have been getting into running my
> effects in parallel instead of all in line like I used to. Does anyone
> know of a good way to split a signal from an instrument into many lines
> (6?) to run parallel effects, which then get input into the trusty Mackie
> 1202 and mixed live? I am also interested in being able to mute the imput
> to certain lines so that the existing loops do not get messed up.

I also use my set up on parallel processing, I have found a solution using
the Advance Mus. Tech. "Missing Link".
It allows you to send the "mother signal" out from 2 couples of stereo 
and receive from 2 couples of stereo returns.
Consider that the master out passes through a couple of tubes (there are
several combinations), so that the digital processing gains warmness and
harmonics lost during the digital conversion.
I found it really useful.
I also know of something like that (with no tubes) from Digital Music Co.
but I have been told of quality losses in the signal.