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Live horn looping

If anyone else is from the Seattle area they should check out a band
called Ota Prota, if they haven't already. They remind me a little of the
Miles Davis Bitches Brew stuff. The reason that I bring this up is that
the trumpet player is really good at using his Akai Headrush live. He does
not do a lot of looping with it exactly, but more for sampling something
in time with the song and playing over it. He will sometimes resample it
with some overdubs and also trigger a stored loop at interesting moments.
Since I just picked on of these pedals up in Tokyo I found this very

Another fun thing I picked up the other day is a DigiTech PDS2000
Sampler/Delay pedal. I really like these things and I have been looking
for one since my old pedal died. The thing I like about these is that it
lets you sample something, and then tweak the delay time to raise or lower
the pitch with no glitches. Does anyone know of any other delay units that
will allow you to do this?

This brings me to my actual question. I have been getting into running my
effects in parallel instead of all in line like I used to. Does anyone
know of a good way to split a signal from an instrument into many lines
(6?) to run parallel effects, which then get input into the trusty Mackie
1202 and mixed live? I am also interested in being able to mute the imput
to certain lines so that the existing loops do not get messed up.


Dave Onnen