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Re: Live horn looping

hello dave, i don't have a direct answer to your questions other than to
recommend the mo-fx rack from electrix. from what you're describing,
this would seem to be more or less suited to your setup.

i've been using this for the last coupla months and i'm really enjoying
it. it provides you with parallel access to distortion, flanger,
(autopan) tremolo and a (pin-pong) delay - each of which has selectable
filter bands and momentary switches! the possibilities are very
interesting - you know, autopan the mids while delaying just the highs
and hitting momentary blasts of distortion etc. 

the delay time control can be used for pitch shifting effects and with
the feedback at 100%, the whole delay section can be used as a LOOPER!
very interesting loops can be created by "dropping in" sound using the
momentary switch and pitch-warping it up/down using the delay time
control. not to mention, that all of this can be done in MIDI SYNC!

read ya later,

Dave Onnen wrote:
> The thing I like about these is that it
> lets you sample something, and then tweak the delay time to raise or 
> the pitch with no glitches. Does anyone know of any other delay units 
> will allow you to do this?
> This brings me to my actual question. I have been getting into running my
> effects in parallel instead of all in line like I used to. Does anyone
> know of a good way to split a signal from an instrument into many lines
> (6?) to run parallel effects, which then get input into the trusty Mackie
> 1202 and mixed live? I am also interested in being able to mute the imput
> to certain lines so that the existing loops do not get messed up.