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Re: EDP/LoopIII v5.0/Undo/problem?


>As Darrell suggests, it seems definitely the "feed back button"...
as I mentioned the feedback knob is all the way up, the problem wasn't
there, I ended up checking and changing the Mute midi FeedbackCont paramter
from 1 to 127 and that fixed the problem, though that is not how I have my
other EDP set so it was new to me. So yeah I guess the midi paramter had
something to do with it after all. Don't know why and a part of me doesn't
care so long as I can loop on and on.

>As for "C'mon guys this is the reason I subscribe...", no one's
>paying us.  Your subscription to this "wonderful and informative"
>forum is a priviledge, in my opinion.

as to your last comment I could do without it, I meant by "C'mon guys..."
that everyone here shares information and that's what I dig about it. When
something new is mentioned I try to check it out. I know and understand 
no one is being paid for the information given. So save it...