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Re: Seen one??

At 11:18 AM -0700 4/17/00, future perfect wrote:
>So has anyone on this list *seen* a new Echoplex? I am curious if they
>changed the colors. Even if the electronics are the same, I am sure in a 
>years, people will say the 'beige face' ones are much better. :)
>Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices

Clearly, the ones that say Oberheim are worth more now. :-)  I have a
prototype unit mistakenly made with a black face and white type. I think
it's a bit ugly, and it certainly doesn't sound any different to me. But
hey, don't people sell prototype flying-V's for absurd amounts of money
now?  I figure this guy will be my early retirement. It's certainly a
better bet than the nasdaq.


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