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EDP questions. Check its conditions.

I have received my Edp back from a warranty fixing and I would like to check if everything is ok.
I have some doubts about this:
1- after an hour playing it has gone in "tilt" and I have had to reboot it, after having switched on the write "loop 5" came out for more time than usual, went out and then came back another time. Then the machine was set up alright.
2- I think I hear more "hum" noise than usual when I  overdub.  (that I can remember, I have stayied without it for so long). I can find this also with no signal in it: hit record, close the loop and then hit overdub for 2 or three lenghts.
3-When I switched it on the last time it was displaying full lights, number and letters on.
 No midi cables are connected, after the firsts problem I did the reset.
thanks for sharing your comments, before go back gigging with it I would like to check if this problems are usual for the Edp or not.