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Re: EDP questions. Check its conditions.


1.  The only time my edps have gone "tilt" is when I
zapped their footpedals with static electricity.  I
live in a dry environment with high static charge
buildup.  I fixed this by adding a rubber gromment
around the footpedal jack (to insulate the jack's
ground from the footpedal housing).  This was at Kim's
advice, and it resolved the "tilt" problem for me.  I
have not seen the reboot sequence you mention.

2. Hum should not be audible from the EDP.  
3. Again, I have only seen such odd behavior when I
zapped the footpedal with static discharge.
--- luca <lucafeed@tin.it> wrote:
> I have received my Edp back from a warranty fixing
> and I would like to check if everything is ok.
> I have some doubts about this:
> 1- after an hour playing it has gone in "tilt" and I
> have had to reboot it, after having switched on the
> write "loop 5" came out for more time than usual,
> went out and then came back another time. Then the
> machine was set up alright. 
> 2- I think I hear more "hum" noise than usual when I
>  overdub.  (that I can remember, I have stayied
> without it for so long). I can find this also with
> no signal in it: hit record, close the loop and then
> hit overdub for 2 or three lenghts.
> 3-When I switched it on the last time it was
> displaying full lights, number and letters on.
>  No midi cables are connected, after the firsts
> problem I did the reset.
> thanks for sharing your comments, before go back
> gigging with it I would like to check if this
> problems are usual for the Edp or not.
> Luca

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