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Peter Kowald... God is coming to SF, Portland, Chicago

Hi Peter W, Stig, fellow loopers,

Cynthia and I went to Conjunctive Points (very beautiful huge dance space) 
and Peter Kowald really  affected us with the depth and humanity of his 
playing. You know those rare moments in music where you catch your breath 
listen much further in - there were a few of those for sure. Also, we were 
the ones laughing, too. We weren't the only ones, but those moments are 
really interesting because the music is clearly coming from a place of 
depth and reverence for the soul, yet a given sound at that moment 
my funny bone and I don't want to hold back the laughter. I don't have a 
problem with this other than some folks just didn't think it was funny and 
glanced over at us disapprovingly!  When talking with Peter afterward, we 
brought this up. He concurred. He takes his music very seriously, and he 
strives to relate to humanity through it and delights in the tickley 
just as well as the more soulful resonances. Speaking with him, gosh, what 
can I say, he's an amazing man!

Kudos to Stig for forging on through a set with GE Stinson afterward 
his 100+ degree fever!!  You guys might have felt like the following act 
after the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, but my interest was held 
throughout and I'm excited to see your next gig. I feel like I only got a 
tasty sampling of what you guys are about.

...So we had to blow off our Sun. night class and go see Peter with Nels 
others down in San Pedro (Saint Peter!). Maybe it was partially the double 
espresso mochaccino sacred cow w/a scoop of vanilla, but again I was 
transported. It seems this guy never fails to make music right off the bat 
with people he's never met before.

LA people don't be FOOLS!!  Peter is playing tonight at 8pm (Monday) at 
Ace Gallery  5514 Wilshire  323-255-5395.  Vinny Golia on reeds/flutes. 
AND....dance (yay!) from Cheryl Banks-Smith.

Also Tuesday at 12 noon at CalArts 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia.  I 
know, but being CalArts, this might be more of a seminar type thing which 
would be so cool and this performance is FREE!

>> It really SUCKS that his current US tour seems to be going everywhere in
>> the country except the Northwest!

Peter said he'd be going up to San Fran next then onto PORTLAND - stay 
Also Chicago he mentioned...


eric p
echo park