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seattle/oly show assist?

hey yall

this is robert of tono-bungay.

i'm looking to set up a gig for my
solo/improv/uglient side project
called anti:clockwise in 
seattle or olympia on

tuesday night may 23.

i have a gig in portland the next
night (milk bar; in area? pleeze cum...)
& i would love to NOT have a night
off with nowhere to play.

time's growing tight and it would
be great to get something going on
so if you got any ideas, advice,
expertise or impeccably heavy connects
in those towns please don't hesitate to share.

house parties ok ('cept that
it's a toosday), pa not necessary,
representative sampling of the act
available on cassette or MD if
needed for purposes of introduction
(t. key has vouched for me in the past - 
thanks tara!) replies off-list, natch.

quoth The Fly: "help me! help me!"
(but i'm saying "PLEASE!!)

end of transmission,