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Re: seattle/oly show assist?

hey kevin

thanks very much for the assistance.
tuesdays are tough anywhere in clubland,
i'm not really expecting much this time
out - i'd just always rather play than

dear loopers-delight:
pardon my bandwidth - i'm using the
"reply-to?" option (kevin, i assume
that's what you preferred)

thanks to everyone who has kindly 
weighed in w/ advice, please keep those cards
and letters coming - if i luck into
a gig, will let yall know when i post
complete west coast itin.



On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Unit Circle Media wrote:

> > Robert- why don't you try COLOURBOX if it's still there in Pioneer
> > Square. They were good to me when I was touring.
> > 
> The Colourbox is gone.  Robert, I've forwarded your mail to some friends
> who gig more often than I do, hopefully, you should get a nibble.  
> is a very unfortunate night to play this kind of music in Seattle.  Your
> best bet may be the Rainbow, but I don't have contact info, sorry.
>       Kevin