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Re: R: Live horn looping

Well... if we're getting into "Ultimate Mixer" territory here... the
Allen and Heath Wizard model... (don't know the exact numbers at the
moment) have 6!!! aux sends, with two post fader sends, two pre-fader
sends and two configurable sends... Also dsp effects onboard. This
baby goes for about $1100 US buckolas, but looks to be really
versatile for us looper types... The reports are that it's a great
SOUNDING mixer as well...


>>> <SoundFNR@aol.com> 04/18 5:33 AM >>>
> > This brings me to my actual question. I have been getting into
running my
>  > effects in parallel instead of all in line like I used to. Does
>  > know of a good way to split a signal from an instrument into
many lines
>  > (6?) to run parallel effects, which then get input into the
trusty Mackie
>  > 1202 and mixed live? I am also interested in being able to mute
the imput
>  > to certain lines so that the existing loops do not get messed

the ultimate solution would be a mixer with enough outputs to cover
your requirements (FX sends or Group Outs)
Otherwise you could run a number of FX from each Aux out of your
which would be much better than a passive split before the mixer.
how about putting 6 pots (100K log?) in a box so you could
control i/p to each FX separately. Because you'd be 
using the mixer out you wouldn't need any active electronics
to get a high quality result.

Andy Butler