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Re: R: Live horn looping

In a message dated 18/04/00 16:58:53 GMT Daylight Time, mbiffle@svg.com 

> Well... if we're getting into "Ultimate Mixer" territory here... the
>  Allen and Heath Wizard model... (don't know the exact numbers at the
>  moment) have 6!!! aux sends, with two post fader sends, two pre-fader
>  sends and two configurable sends... Also dsp effects onboard. This
>  baby goes for about $1100 US buckolas, but looks to be really
>  versatile for us looper types... The reports are that it's a great
>  SOUNDING mixer as well...
Or the Behringer MX2642
6  Aux Sends , 
also 4 group outs which I use as stereo FX sends
+Direct outs on 8 of the inputs .
getting cheaper all the time

I originally got this for recording, somehow it's ended up on top 
of my FX rack.
Allows for very complex processing.

Andy Butler