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RE: EDP Power-on problem

>i've been on the alto waiting list for over a year and today i received my
>so i plug the power cord in and the lights are glowing....i was so
>i go to plug a cord into the input jack and the input light lights
>up.......then..........the thing dies on me!!!!!!!!
>seems i'm not the only one
>electric bird noise

Mine blew up too last night after a few minutes of use too, only in a
potentially less quick fixable manner; I hope it was your fuse. Kim
graciously pointed me in the direction of Gibson's repair shop already. I
would assume it's still under warranty :> (Now the race to be first to get
an order in for an EDP is over, it's time to start the race to get it in 
shop first :>)

Mine works fine for a few minutes, then something inside reaches it's
critical boiling point and start spewing digital distortion. A cooling off
period is then in order. I think someone else on the list had mentioned
having problems like this. Anyone?

The distortion doesn't seem to be something overloading as much as it is
noise, though if you listen very carefuly, you can sometimes hear the
semblance of the original signal in the background. Could it be the memory
going caput? That would make me very happy since I intend to pull it out
anyway. Hmm...

I did get to play around with it, for a few minutes at a time, and it is 
wondrous beast I've been waiting for.