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First I would like to say thanks for all the helpful information that this
list provides!

this is robert of tono-bungay.

i'm looking to set up a gig for my
solo/improv/uglient side project
called anti:clockwise in 
seattle or olympia on

tuesday night may 23.
I would suggest checking out the Tentacle Calendar at:

This should give you some ideas for places to play. It is also a wonderful
resource in general. 

My trusty DOD DFX 94 can do that.  Of course it maxes out at 4 seconds,
doesn't give you more than about 10 layers, and DOD hasn't made it for at
least 3 years.  But if you see one on ebay, don't hesitate (and don't pay
more than $100).
Cool, thanks. Didn't they also make a DFX 98 at one point with double the
delay time?

The Boss DM-2 is discontinued but it worked like this.  Of course, the
Line 6 
DL-4 has a DM-2 model!  Line 6 calls it  "Analog Echo" I believe.  Plus,
works in stereo...
Thanks, yeah the DL-4 will be my next purchase!

hello dave, i don't have a direct answer to your questions other than to
recommend the mo-fx rack from electrix. from what you're describing,
this would seem to be more or less suited to your setup.
I will definately have to check this out. I have tried their other effects
and have found them to be a bit Fisher-Price. This one looks very
interesting however. 

Ok I'll shut up now...

Dave Onnen