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Re: [AH] Negativland on tour...

Thanks Legion.

I love these guys too and have always wanted to see 
them perform their mayhem. It was NegativeLand that 
got me back into exploring tape manipulation and 

They're masters of their medium (and funny f*ckers, too :)

I'll check 'em out when they come to Chapel Hill, NC
(that's as close as they get to Charlotte, I guess).

- Larry T

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Legion" <legion@voicenet.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>; <analogue@hyperreal.org>
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 10:34 AM
Subject: [AH] Negativland on tour...

> I saw Negativland's current True/False tour last night at the TLA in
> Philadelphia. All I can say is if anyone has *ever* had an interest in
> Negativland, looping, or audio and video manipulation you will hate
> yourself if you do not see this show.
> There was a team of about 8-10 members either running things offstage or
> on. they used multiple film projectors, a bank of four radio carts, dual
> cd players (playing custom sounds), a turntable (processed at times),
> and sprinkled guitar, bass, thermin, synths, and more over the top.
> The stage setup had a TV monitor for an extended talking head bit (which
> was 100% coordinated by the band onstange in realtime maniacally
> flipping video and audio loops as the video projection told the story).
> The background was a huge white screen which they used for projecting
> all the stage video as well as three machines from the audience.
> The did a bit of old stuff (the encore was a very clever and fun (and
> copyright free!) rendition of their most infamous single), and had a ton
> of new stuff broken down into two complete sets for a total of a 2.5
> hour showtime.
> I have been doing tape manipulation and found/noise collage stuff for
> years and have never seen a group work so hard in such a coordinated
> manner in my life. The sheer magnitude and set up of this show is only
> matched by the fact that they are using archaic technology along with
> bits and pieces of new stuff to make their point even more entertaining
> and true. The final loop segment in set two was an achingly beautiful
> reminder of how an artist can capitalize on old technology and turn it
> into something  unique.
> Did I mention they had a  puppet show and chopped up the Sound of Music
> into the most perverse song Julie Andrews never uttered?
> Trust me, if you've ever been the least bit curious of what multimedia
> manipulation can be in it's rawest and more polished form you do*not*
> want to miss this show. Forget the hype of them as media masters, this
> show is fun as hell on top of everything else.
> Full info at:     http://www.negativland.com/
> This next part of the tour is not completely solid yet, but will be
> starting it on the 3rd of May.
>  Wed. May 03 '00 --- NYC --- Irving Plaza
>  Thu. May 04 '00 --- Washington DC --- 9:30 Club
>  Fri. May 05 '00 --- Poughkeepsie, NY --- Bard College : Multipurpose
> Room
>  Sat. May 06 '00 --- Boston --- Copley Theater
>  Mon. May 08 '00 --- Chapel Hill, NC --- Carrboro Arts Center
>  Wed. May 10 '00 --- Atlanta --- Variety Playhouse
>  Fri. May 12 '00 --- Clearwater, FL --- Club More
>  Sun. May 14 '00 --- New Orleans --- Howlin' Wolf
>  Mon. May 15 '00 --- Houston --- Rice University: Hammond Hall
>  Tue. May 16 '00 --- Austin --- Stubb's BBQ
>  Thu. May 18 '00 --- Tulsa --- The Other Side
>  Sat. May 20 '00 --- Denver --- Bluebird
>  May '00 --- San Diego --- TBA
>  Wed. May 24 '00 --- Los Angeles --- El Rey
>  Sat. May 27 '00 --- San Francisco --- Palace of Fine Arts
>  May '00 --- Palo Alto --- TBA
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