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Re: Negativland on tour...

Thanks Legion for the Negativland info.  I haven't seen them for about 8
years, but i would have to concur with your sentiments regarding the sheer
magnitude of what these guys do.  I will definitely try to check out the LA

I am having trouble remembering the magazine, but the best interview i read
was when this mag was interviewing The Edge from U2, during their ZooTV
tour, where they were culling, cutting, pasting, and manipulating TV
signals during their live show.  Edge was going off on how cool it was that
they were able to extrapolate raw material from the mass media and use it
to their own ends and make something creative out of it.  After that, they
pressed him about the legal issues with Negativland and the single.  Edge
kindof had to backpedal real quick, especially when he realized that one of
the interviewers was a member of Negativland, and U2/Island had slammed
them with a lawsuit for essentially doing the same thing!