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Re: Negativland on tour...

I believe it was Musician magazine - I remember seeing the same interview.
Two takes on U2, if I might...

I erased a lot of pieces composed in the early 80s, because they sounded 
me) like someone elses' work.  Then I saw U2 making scads of money making
music that sounded like someone elses' work.  I don't throw away ANYTHING

In the article-in-question, I found a good deal of dark humor in the
non-mentioning of the fact that it was ENO that came up with the whole idea
with the TV screens/satellite access and all, and Bono who came up with the
name for it.  Again, credit placed where not deserved.  Perhaps a lesson 
us as performers, if a cautionary one - make diagrams or some note 
the idea/composition, even if on a napkin, date it, show it to others, and
put it away for safe keeping (or, in this so-called digital age, scan it,
but keep the paper).

Stephen Goodman
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net

"rich" <rich@nuvision.com> put forth:

> I am having trouble remembering the magazine, but the best interview i
> was when this mag was interviewing The Edge from U2, during their ZooTV
> tour, where they were culling, cutting, pasting, and manipulating TV
> signals during their live show.  Edge was going off on how cool it was
> they were able to extrapolate raw material from the mass media and use it
> to their own ends and make something creative out of it.  After that, 
> pressed him about the legal issues with Negativland and the single.  Edge
> kindof had to backpedal real quick, especially when he realized that one
> the interviewers was a member of Negativland, and U2/Island had slammed
> them with a lawsuit for essentially doing the same thing!
> seeya,
> rich