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Re: Negativland on tour...

> > I am having trouble remembering the magazine, but the best interview i 
> > was when this mag was interviewing The Edge from U2, during their ZooTV
> > tour, where they were culling, cutting, pasting, and manipulating TV

The magazine was called Mondo 2000 and indeed the main interviewer was a 
of Negatviland. To be fair as I recall "The Edge" agreed with Negativland's
viewpoint on the issue, it was Island records who stomped the living f*ck 
out of
the band and SST their label who passed on the penalty. The band has said 
they don't have a problem with the band (the Just say Bo-No Tshirt pic was 
idea) although I'm sure they wished the band would have stepped in and 
tried to
help out a bit with all the posturing of the labels and such.

Copies of the article appear in one of their books (either "Fair Use" or 
Numeral U and the Number 2")  both of which are semi-entertaining in their 

And Ok I'll spill the beans, for the encore (after a very involved two and 
half hour set) the full  band came back and fired up an overhead projector 
the main backdrop screen. On this they placed full text slides of the 
Casey Casem tirade that appeared on the single and the band, it's tech 
crew, and
the entire audience followed the bouncing ball (actually a pen one of the 
used ) and read the words in unison. It was so simple and yet one of the 
hilarious and clever "performances" I've taken part in. Everyone was 
down laughing and losing their place as we all cried out "This guy's from
England and who give a s*it" etc. just like Casey. And best of all they 
be sued :)

For anyone interested the original "U2" single that started the whole mess 
was banned is now freely available in numerous formats on the web.

I'm still reeling (no pun intended) from the best loop oriented show I've 

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