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New EDP works fine after replacing the memory

Hey guys!

        I switched out the memory in my new EDP and it looped fine all 
Wohoo! I switched the old memory back in (which was obviously used memory -
the writing had faded out on the rightmost chip of one card, where one's
thumb would go to pull it out, and they had some gooey resiny stuff 
to them, like they were lying around when someone was putting together the
circuitboard) and it started crapping out within seconds. Excellent!! I was
going to dump the old stuff anyway.

        Then I left it looping continously for about four hours while I 
did other
stuff, and it didn't start farting, so I'm pretty sure the memory was bad.

        So, as far as I have heard, the only problems with the units have 
fuses and, in my case memory. I'll wager that someone at Trace Elliot put
the wrong memory in the unit while they were testing it/putting it 
I'm off to call Shane Radtke To tell him that it's working now.