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Re: Negativland on tour...

>non-mentioning of the fact that it was ENO that came up with the >whole
idea with the TV screens/satellite access and all, Again, credit >placed
where not deserved.

Hmmmm.  Not sure I agree.  U2 has quite often given credit to Eno for the
initial concept of that tour (even in the tour program).  Certainly the 
were the "directors" of the production whereas Eno was the one who wrote 
1st draft of the script (sorry for the analogy).  I'm not sure it's fair to
suggest that it was Eno's baby and U2 were just along for the ride.

>Then I saw U2 making scads of money making music that sounded >like 
elses' work

Just out of curiosity, other than the rootsier Joshua Tree/Rattle and Hum
period, who do you find them to be imitating???  Again, just curious.