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Re: Negativland on tour...

> >non-mentioning of the fact that it was ENO that came up with the >whole
> idea with the TV screens/satellite access and all, Again, credit >placed
> where not deserved.
> Hmmmm.  Not sure I agree.  U2 has quite often given credit to Eno for the
> initial concept of that tour (even in the tour program).  Certainly the
> were the "directors" of the production whereas Eno was the one who wrote
> 1st draft of the script (sorry for the analogy).  I'm not sure it's fair
> suggest that it was Eno's baby and U2 were just along for the ride.

Look back to Eno's work with multiple monitors as display method back in 
70s and 80s, and note that not all of them were "installations" as such.
These were processes-in-progress that, once he was basically content with
them, stayed as such.  From my viewpoint, the name "ZooTV" seems to have
been the sole input of the band/Bono; the soft-pedaling of Eno's input was
admittedly partially a function of his preferred mode of "ambient 
in that it was more important for the band's music to be heard than whom 
producing it.  While this is going to be argued for a long time, I read an
awful lot of hokey at the time about how the Band came up with it as a kind
of smoky collective process.  The main audience at the time had never seen
anything like it, since they'd not even been born at the time such video
displays were being pioneered by Eno and a lot of others; U2 did nothing to
discourage their thinking that it was something noone had ever seen before,
which was not inconsistent with their marketing strategy.  Which, alas,

> >Then I saw U2 making scads of money making music that sounded >like
> elses' work
> Just out of curiosity, other than the rootsier Joshua Tree/Rattle and Hum
> period, who do you find them to be imitating???  Again, just curious.

[chuckle] "Rootsier"?  As "Joshua Tree" is the only U2 album I ever bought,
I must ask, in comparison with what?  U2 owes the entire sound they've 
into to Eno's input - this is no different than his input to the Talking
Heads' work, Devo, you name it.  If Miko was referring to the slide playing
on the JT album, which IMNSHO was no more sophisticated than the kind of
playing one does when first discovering bottleneck blues, I can say, only 
an academic sense.  The blues, alas, did NOT come from Ireland.

I then fade back to the quote (paraphrased) from Keith Richard back in a
Musician interview in '82: "The only passion that band has is in their
Marshall amps."

Stephen Goodman
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net