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Negativland becomes U2 becomes Eno

Hi All,

I'm not too terribly interested in U2's work anymore, although IMHO, The
Unforgettable Fire is by far their best work, shows off Eno's input more
than the others, and is much more of an 'ambient' album (admitted by the
band themselves).  Also, it seems to be the last album before the egos
began to swell.

However, I do disagree with the statement made by Mr. Goodman:

> U2 owes the entire sound they've grown into to Eno's input - this is no
>different than his input to the Talking Heads' work, Devo, you name it.

These bands do have their own sound and creativity outside of Mr. Eno.
Yes, he's a brilliant artist, and a wonderful producer, but U2, the Heads,
and for chrissakes Devo all have made cool albums outside of the influence
of Eno.

Duty Now For The Future and Freedom of Choice still sound like Devo, don't
they?  They didn't just flop over and go "please Mr. Eno, come back!"

Aren't David Byrne and Mark Mothersbaugh considered extremely prolific and
creative people in their own right?

just my 2 cents,