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Re: Negativland becomes U2 becomes Eno


You are absoloutly right- both byrne and esp the Mothersbaugh bunch were
prolific and very talented before their meeting Eno- I have to jump in b/c
Devo is one of my all time fav bands-
An interesting note is how Devo got their start- I have a boot that WB
rejected in the early days- apparently a girl/groupie friend of the band 
back stage with Bowie or Eno and Iggy Pop just before they went to Germany-
she found a way to slip a cassette into Bowie's bag- or was it Eno's bag-
shit- anyway- they had tons of music and were always popping a tape in to
listen- while in Germany they played the Devo tape and both loved it- found
out who they were and before you know it they were in the studio with Eno-
very cool- the collaboration helped them to refine some of their sound esp
with access to state of the art synths etc but it was just that- a
collaboration-  Most of the members of Devo work at their own prod company
in Hollywood- I'm tempted to ask Mark M. about his view on how Eno
influenced their development- certainly a good excuse to try to contact an
old idol of mine!


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From: "rich" <rich@nuvision.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 11:46 AM
Subject: Negativland becomes U2 becomes Eno

> Hi All,
> I'm not too terribly interested in U2's work anymore, although IMHO, The
> Unforgettable Fire is by far their best work, shows off Eno's input more
> than the others, and is much more of an 'ambient' album (admitted by the
> band themselves).  Also, it seems to be the last album before the egos
> began to swell.
> However, I do disagree with the statement made by Mr. Goodman:
> > U2 owes the entire sound they've grown into to Eno's input - this is no
> >different than his input to the Talking Heads' work, Devo, you name it.
> These bands do have their own sound and creativity outside of Mr. Eno.
> Yes, he's a brilliant artist, and a wonderful producer, but U2, the 
> and for chrissakes Devo all have made cool albums outside of the 
> of Eno.
> Duty Now For The Future and Freedom of Choice still sound like Devo, 
> they?  They didn't just flop over and go "please Mr. Eno, come back!"
> Aren't David Byrne and Mark Mothersbaugh considered extremely prolific 
> creative people in their own right?
> just my 2 cents,
> rich