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Re: Non-loop content: ENO and U2

Zach Lawrence wrote:
> *this* 'country blues' tradition that the original 'country' music came 
>from (as
> well as jazz), and, from this, rock-n-roll.  to simplify, i think that
> diagram would go something like this:       European folk\
>                           orig. blues-'country blues'-country
> African acapella singing /

Check out Francis Davis book THE HISTORY OF THE BLUES in paperback and
published by Hyperion books to get a very interesting, carefully argued,
respectful and challenging account of the lineage of "the blues."  One
common assumption you repeat in your post is that "country blues"
spawned jazz.  Davis argues and provides ample evidence that the two
evolved from the same root of anglo/African/American music, but after
that, all bets are off.  One irrefutable fact, jazz recordings and
published music predates by as much as 30 years much of what we think of
as classic "country blues."   King Oliver wasn't listening to "country
blues," and neither was Louis Armstrong! But they were both on record
well before Charlie Patton or Robert Johnson. 

In short, Davis does a good job of rearranging your musical and
historical sensibilities.

The Roctologists