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Re: Negativland becomes U2 becomes Eno

>Note the huge difference between "Are We Not Men"
and "Duty Now.." on the guitar and treatments.

why would you agree that Eno created the environment for bands to achieve a
certain 'sound', and that their subsequent career/sonic trajectory was
somehow inextricable from Eno's initial imprint, and then point out the
differences between albumms where Eno was producing and where he was not?

Just Curious...

perhaps i am underestimating the role of a producer?  when i listen to
Devo, i hear Devo, not Eno.  when i listen to the first Velvet's record, i
hear Cale and Reed, not Andy Warhol.  Teo Macero was intrumental to Miles'
sound in the studio, but i like Miles, not Teo...and the Unforgettable Fire
is still 4 white guys in a rock band, even if God is producing them, IHMO.

OT, you bet.