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Re: Looping using endless cassettes

i'm using them live in both my bands....
they come in ultra-handy. specially the
ones that actually WERE used in answering

never could figure out why a 30 second piece of lo-bias
crap costs twice as much as 90 minutes of type II...

one of life's little mysteries, i guess - prob. goes along
with the reason dthat TL mics cost more than the ones
that have 'em.

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Brian Thomson, Dublin IE wrote:

> Oh yes indeed, this was my start in looping before I got hold of my Korg 
>DL-8000. I was playing with these ideas over a few years, and then dug 
>through a pile of tapes and found I had well over an hour of material. I 
>copied them to PC, burned them to CD, and I really should dig them out 
>and upload them as MP3s to give you lot a laugh
> I used various cassettes, including TDK and "British Telecom" brands, in 
>my Fostex X-30 4-track (the short-lived model that used sliders for all 
>functions). I modified the speed control by adding a double-speed switch 
>- the speed control is the only real way of modifying the loop length. I 
>also tried disabling the erase head to see if that resulted in sound 
>layering, but the only result was layers of noise!
> As for synchronising your playing to the loop... well  in the end I 
>wrote a little QBasic program on my laptop that drew a "bouncing ball" on 
>screen, with the ability to adjust the loop length incrementally. I did a 
>similar thing with Visual Basic years later, which I still have if 
>anyone's interested in more laughs...
> Anyway, if I can present some of the results online, I'll let y'all 
>know. My biggest single looping influence then was David Sylvian's "Gone 
>To Earth", the Bill Nelson / Robert Fripp loop tracks that appeared 
>there, if that's any guide.
> Cheers,
> Brian Thomson, Dublin IE
> bnt@email.com
> (ceci n'est pas un .sig)
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