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Re: Looping using endless cassettes

Oh yes indeed, this was my start in looping before I got hold of my Korg 
DL-8000. I was playing with these ideas over a few years, and then dug 
through a pile of tapes and found I had well over an hour of material. I 
copied them to PC, burned them to CD, and I really should dig them out and 
upload them as MP3s to give you lot a laugh

I used various cassettes, including TDK and "British Telecom" brands, in 
my Fostex X-30 4-track (the short-lived model that used sliders for all 
functions). I modified the speed control by adding a double-speed switch - 
the speed control is the only real way of modifying the loop length. I 
also tried disabling the erase head to see if that resulted in sound 
layering, but the only result was layers of noise!

As for synchronising your playing to the loop... well  in the end I wrote 
a little QBasic program on my laptop that drew a "bouncing ball" on 
screen, with the ability to adjust the loop length incrementally. I did a 
similar thing with Visual Basic years later, which I still have if 
anyone's interested in more laughs...

Anyway, if I can present some of the results online, I'll let y'all know. 
My biggest single looping influence then was David Sylvian's "Gone To 
Earth", the Bill Nelson / Robert Fripp loop tracks that appeared there, if 
that's any guide.

Brian Thomson, Dublin IE

(ceci n'est pas un .sig)

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