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Re: Live horn looping

hello mark, i think i can a yer q's:

btw: i'll cross-post this to the list since this is about LOOPING.

> does the delay feedback indefinitly without decay or overloading? 

yes, pretty much. in fact, you can't overload it like an old-fashioned
delay. it seems to have some intelligent buffering circuitry which
monitors the signal when feedback=100%. i have found that the signal
starts to degrade VERY slowly while looping. however, this is actually
quite a musical effect.

> Can I then change delay times without destroying the loop material?

yes/no. the loopage is pitch-warped to the new delay time. this is what
you want, isn't it?

> Will the delay time lock to divisions of midiclock as I cahnge it? 

yes. if i remember correctly, the time divisions are 1:8, 1:4, 1:2 ,
1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1 and 4:1. the pitch-warped loop locks to each of these
divisions as you turn through them - i believe this is the first looper
that can do this.

> How long is the max delay time?

i'll have to check on this and post back later. i believe the max.
looping time is around 4 sec. - but i'll have to check.

> the unit is wired in parallel? 

yes. all of the fx (distortion, flanger, tremolo, delay) are in
parallel! the distortion can also be used in series, i.e. at the top of
the signal chain. PLUS: you can plug any fx of your own into an insert
at the back of the distortion section. this is then controlled using the
distortion controls, either with or without the distortion! pretty nice
idea from them electrix people, huh?

> And lastly, what sort of deal did you get on the unit?

i paid approx. DM 800 in berlin, germany for demo units.

one last opinion. i think these electrix units are destined to become
classics. they're probably a bit expensive for your average dj or
bedroom jammer, so i hope they survive.

read ya l8ter,