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Re: Non-loop content: ENO and U2

sorry people, i don't dig all this musicology nonsense. imo, this is all
very old-fashioned. :-)

is there really anything to gain by trying to draw straight lines
through history? connect the dots from sidney bechet to kid creole to
louis armstrong to larry tremblay ;-) 

mr. tremblay bla-blas about choas theory books in one post while in the
next he's trying to tell us about how various white males have
single-handedly determined the course of music "HIS-STORY" (flavor
flav). huh? malcolm mclaren as the GREAT WHITE discoverer of hip-hop?
talk about bollocks ...

i would suggest thomas pynchon (another white male) as a describer of
LIVING history. ain't no straight lines for ya there baby. history is
relative, it depends on where you are and the state of awareness.

sorry for antagonistic tone,