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Cyberarts special in today's Boston Globe

This may be of interest to many of you:


It links to a feature in today's Boston Globe Calendar magazine about
performance art and the electronic music scene in Boston. There's a brief
(although somewhat vague) description of looping, and a couple of LD
listmembers are mentioned by name. (David Kirkdorffer and T.G. Noyes,
probably others as well... Is Ross Hamlin a listmember? Click on the link
to read about what he calls an "improvised vocal/body echo loop massage";
the article actually mentions how he loops with "sex toys".)

Loop artist Maria Moran (aka Zipper Spy) is given a few paragraphs, as
is/are the Boston Loopers Collective and the Toneburst Collective, whose
site <http://www.toneburst.com> contains further info about the Boston loop

The part about Teresa Marrin Nakra's electronic conductor's jacket is cool,
too. It's not really looping, but quite a few of you have expressed
interest in alternate controllers, so check it out.

Hey, why should Miko & Co. over in Santa Cruz get to have all the fun? We
in the Northeast should have a Loopapalooza as well!