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Re: Non-loop content: ENO and U2

... and somewhere in the middle lies the truth ... i think that this is 
probably pretty close to what really happened.  amazing what can happen 
great minds collaborate, eh?:)  <bg>


>Hi Zach:
>We are not musicologists either!  But if you get a chance, check out
>By the way you make a good point by saying that no one with certainty
>can be sure that Jazz guys in New Orleans weren't exposed to country
>folk playing their music.  But it is safe to say that because of the
>economics and history of blacks and Creole's in New Orleans, a kind of
>African American music devloped that was different from the music that
>grew out of the much poorer and rural areas of Mississippi or the
>Piedmont region of the southeast (where there was another set of
>historic/economic circumstances for African Americans).
>The Roctologists
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