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I've just joined the list, and this past week became a new owner of the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro.
Could someone find the answer to my problem.  When I've set: Moreloops to 2, AutoRecord to ON, LoopCopy-OFF, SwitchQuant-CYC, LoopTrig-48,Velocity-ON,SampleStyle to RUN, and the MuteMode to StA, and I'm sampling a "AABA" tune, what happens is:  the first A part records fine (as I want it to repeat) and plays again, but when I use NEXTLOOP to record the "B" (bridge), and punch Record to end that, it always plays the bridge twice. When I end that same Loop trying to use the NextLoop key to end it, it gives me L1/2 things that I don't understand.
Any help wood sure me before I try to put this in Live Use.
Thank you