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Re: Echoplex

At 6:10 PM -0700 4/21/00, Bill Dickson wrote:
>    Hello,   I've just joined the list, and this past week became a new
>owner of the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro. Could someone find the answer to
>my problem.  When I've  set: Moreloops to 2, AutoRecord to ON,
>LoopCopy-OFF, SwitchQuant-CYC,  LoopTrig-48,Velocity-ON,SampleStyle to
>RUN, and the MuteMode to StA, and I'm  sampling a "AABA" tune, what
>happens is:  the first A part records fine (as  I want it to repeat) and
>plays again, but when I use NEXTLOOP to record the "B"  (bridge), and
>punch Record to end that, it always plays the bridge twice. When I  end
>that same Loop trying to use the NextLoop key to end it, it gives me L1/2
>things that I don't understand. Any help wood sure me before I try to put
>this in Live  Use. Thank you   Bill

Hello Bill, welcome.

Your question is answered in the Echoplex FAQ:


There is a whole section just for multiple loops and loop switching. (FAQ
page 9.) This question is down towards the bottom, but you will undoubtedly
find many other answers and helpful tips in there.

I'd answer here, but I think you will learn a lot more if I force you to go
check out all the other info on the web page. ;-)


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